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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the career scope for Hadoop?

There are currently 16800+ Hadoop openings in USA. India will face a shortage of nearly 200,000 Data Scientists by the end of year 2018. A large gap in expertise of big data is predicted around the world.

How does Hadoop training help in my career?

The people with the right expertise will be able to pick and choose the right opportunities that match their needs which could include better salary, better location and better job profile.

How can I find time to learn Hadoop in my busy schedule?

Taking action is the most important thing and congratulations for taking the first action of checking this website.

May be you are thinking "I don't have time as my work is very busy. How will I find time to learn a new technology?" . May be you are working on a very hectic project. May be you are in a very busy phase of your life. So you are thinking that you don't have time.

Here is a good article from Wall Street Journal: "There was a time, not so long ago, when I was busy, busy, busy. At least I thought I was. I told people I worked 60 hours a week. I claimed to sleep six hours a night. As I lamented to anyone stuck next to me at parties, I was basically too busy to breathe.... My secret? I started keeping track of how I spent my time, logging how many hours and minutes I devoted to different activities such as work, sleep and chores. I soon realized I’d been lying to myself about where the time was going. What I thought was a 60-hour workweek wasn’t even close. I would have guessed I spent hours doing dishes when in fact I spent minutes. I spent long stretches of time lost on the Internet or puttering around the house, unsure exactly what I was doing.”

Here are the important tips to manage your time, which I will explain in more details in the course:
- Creating an environment suitable to your activities.
- Setting of prorities.
- Doing things around your priorities.
- Reducing time spent on non-priorities.
- Encouraging yourself to stick to deadlines.

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What are the most popular Hadoop certifications?

HDP Certified Developer from Hortonworks

Cloudera Certification for Hadoop

Will I get Hadoop certifications after I complete the course?

The training provides the required knowledge and a test at the end of the course.