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Hadoop Training

We are starting the next training batch on Hadoop/Hive. Please reply if you are interested. There are currently 16800+ Hadoop openings in USA. The candidates with great Hadoop knowledge can command a great job at the location and salary of his choice.

The training includes hadoop application performance tuning, reference architecture.

This training assumes prior basic knowledge on programming and SQL skills.

Hadoop Basic concepts
Advanced MapReduce features
Hive Concepts
Selecting data from Hive tables
Joining Hive tables
Hive UDF functions
Hadoop/Hive performance tuning
Hadoop/Hive based reference architecture
Workflow tools
Pig concepts
Pig features and data analysis with Pig
Infrastructure planning
Hadoop ecosystem tools
Hadoop interview questions
Hive interview questions

Please email for getting the first three days of course material for free which includes the topics of 'How can you find time to learn Hadoop in your busy schedule, How learning Hadoop will increase your salary and Basic concepts of Hadoop'.